Eurasian Resources Group implements global preventive measures to ensure the smooth running of operations and the safety of its people amidst the COVID-19 virus outbreak; takes appropriate action and plans for the future


In light of the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus, Eurasian Resources Group (“ERG” or “The Group”), a leading diversified natural resources group, has been implementing a set of measures to ensure the uninterrupted and safe running of its global operations, doing everything possible to enhance the personal safety and security of its employees, their families and social communities at this challenging time.

  • ERG, an international metals and mining company from Kazakhstan, which is present in 15 countries and headquartered in Luxembourg, has started to formulate these measures at the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak in January 2020, in full compliance with relevant actions of governments in the regions of its presence and with the recommendations of health experts.
  • The measures are being led by a dedicated cross-functional team under the close supervision of the Group CEO.
  • ERG is undertaking a business continuity plan and is closely monitoring the situation as it evolves as part of this plan. Further precautionary measures can be taken should they become necessary.

Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasian Resources Group, said: “This is a period of unprecedented global challenge and uncertainty, and we have been working diligently, with close guidance by the Group’s executive team and in cooperation with our stakeholders, to monitor the situation and take appropriate and rapid action. As a business, we are prepared to fully capitalise on future opportunities and growth later in the year.” 

“Our absolute priority is the health and safety of all our employees, as well as their families and the communities in which we operate. In line with the guidance provided by governments and health professionals, we introduced a coordinated and disciplined plan of action. Thanks to this, we are well prepared to continue to operate without any material impact on our business.”

As part of continued efforts to ensure that no risks are taken in relation to the health and wellbeing of the Group’s people and their families, as well as society as a whole, ERG implemented the following measures across its operations:

  • Created a dedicated line of communication run by the Group HR to ensure that all staff are proactively kept up to date regarding next steps, and that they receive necessary health & safety guidance on how to best protect themselves against the virus and keep exposure to a minimum.
  • Launched internal information campaigns in the regions of the Group’s presence.
  • Encouraged social distancing for employees and arranged widespread deep cleaning of facilities and provision of hand sanitisers in all areas of common use.
  • Banned all business travel, unless both absolutely necessary and approved separately.
  • Cancelled/postponed all corporate events, including those in relation to national celebrations.


Corporate offices

In the week commencing from 16 March, ERG instructed staff located in its offices in Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Moscow, Nur-Sultan, Dubai, and Zug to work from home until further notice. At its Beijing office, the Group has introduced a rotation system, allowing colleagues to alternate between working from home and coming to the office.


At ERG’s plants in Kazakhstan, employees are having their body temperature measured at checkpoints prior to entering the work area, the checkpoints are equipped with facilities for additional examination and temporary accommodation. Production staff have been provided with additional individual protective equipment, wall-mounted dispensers were installed for hand disinfection.

All enterprises have been provided with a month’s worth of disinfectants for the cleaning of work areas and hand sanitisers for employees, as well as personal protective equipment - masks, respirators, and gloves. Vehicles are being disinfected. Wet cleaning is mandatory in the premises every two hours. All workers’ dormitories have been quarantined. Where a parent is required to stay at home with children, paid leave has been provided. Provisions have been made to allow the Group’s administrative personnel to work from home.


ERG Africa instigated a number of immediate actions to protect employees across both corporate offices and operational sites. These have included the installation of handwashing and hand sanitising units, the complete sanitisation of the facilities, the allocation of quarantine rooms, and the training of staff on the warning signs of COVID-19 and the measures required to combat its spreading, with additionally revisiting personnel movement and travel.  All employees in the corporate offices, and where it was not business-critical, have been instructed to work from home. Plans are currently being drawn up to establish a quarantine area should the need arise. 


BAMIN, ERG’s business in Brazil, has distributed virus prevention kits, consisting of masks and hand sanitisers, in addition to the provision of an information booklet, and established a crisis committee that meets daily to assess the situation. Starting from 18 March, the BAMIN office was put on a work from home schedule.


“As countries and businesses around the world work through this pandemic and prepare to rebuild in its aftermath, raw materials will play a critical role. Our focus is on continuing to safely operate our assets and, should any closures become necessary, planning for their rapid restart,” said Mr Sobotka.

“On behalf of ERG’s Management, I would like to thank all our employees who are working under these extraordinary circumstances. Our colleagues have continued to demonstrate innovative thinking, working, and dedication to our shared purpose. This individual drive, and collective commitment, will be critical in the weeks ahead, while our future success depends on decisive action, commitment, and innovation. The resilience, dedication and professionalism we are observing at ERG is truly inspiring and testament to the great corporate culture we have created over the last several years.”

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