ERG enterprises from Pavlodar region will implement better environmental practices


A Cooperation Agreement was signed in Pavlodar between the Competence Centre for Environmental Technology (CCET) corporate foundation, JSC Aluminium of Kazakhstan, JSC Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter, JSC Eurasian Energy Corporation and Aksu Ferroalloy Plant.

The efficient use and management of natural resources and protection of environment are at the core of the cooperation agreement. In particular, the CCET will serve as a platform for public discussion of proposals to further improve the environmental legislation. ERG has requested the Centre to examine opportunities of carbon emissions trading in order to attract investments and establish the new production. The Centre also plans to carry out an environmental analysis of the Pavlodar Region with the assistance of the ERG staff while the Group is to provide the Centre with the necessary environmental data.

‘Eurasian Resources Group supports and proves the policy of transition to the green economy pursued by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. ERG enterprises have been the first companies in the Republic to implement and use environmental management systems in conformity with the international ISO 14001 standard. The Group makes continuous efforts to reduce emissions into the environment and maintains the level that it has achieved. This involves replacing and upgrading gas treatment and dust collection systems, as well as reuse, recycling and treatment of industrial waste. For the entire last year the Group allocated KZT 19bn for protection of the environment, and investments made by ERG have accounted for more than half of this amount,’ said Kenes Temirkhanov, Head of the Health, Safety and Environment Department of Eurasian Resources Group.

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