Eurasian Resources Group actively participates in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos


Eurasian Resources Group has built a strong partnership with the World Economic Forum. Since joining as a Foundation Member in 2014, it is now a Strategic Partner Associate.

As a key producer of raw materials, ERG recognises the role it can play in securing our natural resources and establishing ethical standards in all aspects of operation. Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of ERG, is involved in the Forum’s initiatives around sustainable mining and social inclusion. Mr. Sobotka also takes part as a governor at the Mining & Metals Meeting to discuss the industry’s vision, key issues for the sector and transformations that can impact the future of global mining and its sustainable development. ERG's executive team members provide their expertise to several of the Forum’s industry initiatives, including two major Global Challenges – ‘Environment and Natural Resource Security’ and ‘Economic Growth and Social Inclusion’.

“Our involvement in the World Economic Forum gives us an opportunity to work alongside other industry leaders and decision makers from the public and private sectors. We are delighted to cooperate with the Forum team and we are very grateful for getting their support,” said Mr. Sobotka. “While the world continues to face unprecedented challenges, it is especially important that our relationship with the World Economic Forum is expanding and we are looking forward to support the global community with ideas and expertise in the search for solutions to these challenges‎ and ways to create new opportunities.”

Regionally, ERG focuses on Eurasia, with a particular contribution to the New ‘Silk Road’ development pattern, and Africa. The Group also formulates the agendas of the Annual Meeting of New Champions in China and other regional summits and community sessions.

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