COVID-19: Eurasian Resources Group supports employees and operations in Kazakhstan with additional prevention measures


As part of steadfast efforts to constrain the pandemic and protect its employees in Kazakhstan, Eurasian Resources Group (“ERG” or “the Group”), a leading diversified natural resources group, continues to implement and strengthen prevention measures to ensure that employees, contractors and local communities are well-supported and operations are adequately equipped and safeguarded. 

To this end, ERG has installed industrial thermal remote sensing cameras to screen employees' temperature entering operations, and introduced a set of contingency plans in the event of an emergency, in addition to cancelling or postponing all corporate events.

These activities are complemented by the strengthening of disinfection regimes across all operations, including additional sanitising units and an enhanced deep cleaning rota of all common areas and shared transport vehicles. Furthermore, the procurement of medical equipment and infrastructure, on-site social distancing measures through floor markings, as well as remote-working schedules to the maximum extent possible are aimed at reducing the risk of infection.

Faced with the acute shortage of face masks and hand sanitiser in the country, ERG adapted its operations in Kazakhstan and used its network of suppliers to protect employees, contractors and local communities against the coronavirus outbreak. Providing at least two reusable face masks per employee, as well as using its production facilities to deliver large quantities of antibacterial gel has enabled the company to ensure the continuity and safety of its operations.

Serik Shakhazhanov, Chairman of the Management Board of Eurasian Group LLP, which operates ERG’s assets in Kazakhstan, said: “At ERG, our foremost responsibility has always been, and is now more than ever, the well-being of our employees and those who rely on us. To that end, we have developed a plan to help contain the spread of the coronavirus, both within our enterprises as well as in the regions in which they are based. By keeping our employees informed on the latest guidance and ensuring they have all the protection they need, we are able to ensure a safe working and living environment. The coronavirus pandemic is a challenge that calls for a coordinated response, and we are doing everything possible to protect the health of the people in Kazakhstan.”


The measures, which form part of ERG's well-coordinated and disciplined plan of action and follow the advice provided by the government and recommendations by medical health professionals, are detailed below across a selection of the Group’s various operations in Kazakhstan

Employees are kept informed on all guidelines, restrictions and best practices through a full set of communication channels, including social networks, the Smart ERG corporate messenger, various displays and information stands at operations.


Additional and detailed prevention measures by plant:

TNC Kazchrome JSC

  • To address the soaring demand and nationwide shortage of face masks, TNC Kazchrome JSC used its network in Aktobe to supply 19,000 reusable face masks to its sites
  • The supplier, a sewing factory in Aktobe, which has provided ERG with industrial overalls, was the only manufacturer that had the capacity to expand its offering and meet the large demand for face masks at this challenging time 
  • The procurement of over 200,000 reusable face masks worth KZT 55 million was later extended and made available across all ERG’s operations in Kazakhstan, supplying each employee with at least two reusable face masks to be used throughout the day along with instructions for safe use
  • ERG further allocated over KZT 900 million for the purchase of protective and medical equipment, including 1100 protective suits and 16 thermal remote sensing cameras which are located at checkpoints at Kazchrome sites to identify any individuals with elevated body temperature, which may be a symptom of COVID-19

Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter JSC

  • Piloted thermal remote sensing cameras which now scan an average of 850 employees on entering production sites daily without causing congestion; this measure was then rolled out to other operations


  • The advanced remote thermal imaging cameras installed at checkpoints can detect an elevated temperature in just one second, meaning there is no need for queues at the checkpoints, and no interruption to the work schedule
  • Training on ERG WAY, the Group’s business operating system, has been postponed, and introductory specialist training classes have been reduced in size to allow for social distancing measures

Eurasian Energy Corporation JSC

  • Provided 21 additional transport vehicles for employees to allow for social distancing measures
  • Those working in communal areas – checkpoints, catering facilities – have been supplied with disposable gloves

Shubarkol Komir JSC

  • Put together a group of employees producing additional reusable face masks for their colleagues and local communities
  • Locations where people congregate – checkpoints, catering facilities, bathrooms – have increased sanitary inspections and sanitiser supply
  • The chemical laboratory of Shubarkol Komir JSC has produced more than 200 litres of antiseptic to support these efforts
  • In the event of an emergency, shift-workers may have to take on longer shifts or workloads, according to relevant labour laws and regulation

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