ERG became the first industrial company in Kazakhstan to support the international Green Office Project


According to the Memorandum, ERG has decided to support the Green Office Project. The initiative was launched in 2008 and focused on creating modern and safe working environments with efficient resource consumption to preserve our planet for future generations. “Green office” is a term applied to buildings with public facilities equipped with the largest possible range of resource-efficient and ergonomic technologies that reduce all types of pollution affecting both people and environment, in particular, greenhouse gas emissions.

Such offices are characterized by environmental education of employees and visitors, resource saving (including power, heat, water and paper), minimization of unnecessary procurement, the use of environment-friendly chemicals and technologies, air purification, ionisation and humidifying, protection from noise and electromagnetic pollution, and separation of waste for subsequent recycling. Green office rankings and awards are popular in countries with developed “green” building standards and in Russia, Belarus and China.

Serik Shakhazhanov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Eurasian Group, commented: ‘ERG mission includes being environmentally responsible. Therefore, we see it as our priority to care for the environment both at our production facilities and in our offices and to contribute towards environmental conservation.’

Pursuant to the signed Memorandum, the Eurasian Group agrees to develop a programme to bring its offices in line with Green Office standards and facilitate the roll-out thereof, while the G-Global Coalition for “Green” Economy and Development will provide a comprehensive assistance to the Group with the implementation of this initiative.

It’s worth noting that the Green Office project is just one of the items of the large-scale environmental strategy adopted by the Eurasian Group in 2018. Its plans include the replacement of its gas-treatment equipment to support the government programme of transition to “green” economy and meet its social obligations. The upgrade will ensure that Kazakhstan-based companies of the Group meet air quality standards of particulate load adopted by European countries. Related investments are expected to total more than €200 million.

The Eurasian Group also plans to expand its waste recycling programme and build the required recycling facilities.

ERG runs regular environmental campaigns at its head offices, including the collection of used batteries and plastic waste for recycling. Last year, the company, jointly with a Kazakhstan manufacturer, organized a campaign under the slogan ‘Protect your planet – stop using PET’ at several large supermarkets in Nur-Sultan. On the campaign day, customers received locally made biodegradable bags instead of common PET bags at cashier’s desks.

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