Eurasian Resources Group launches awards to support start-ups in Kazakhstan


Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), a leading diversified natural resources producer, will provide awards for innovative start-ups at the Skolkovo Start-up Tour Almaty 2017

The Skolkovo Start-up Tour Almaty 2017, which discovers and supports innovative Kazakh start-ups, will be held at the venue of Turan University in Almaty on 7th-8th February 2017. The Tour is being supported by the Skolkovo Foundation, Almaty Tech Garden and Turan University in cooperation with the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This year, ERG and Almaty Tech Garden have dedicated over US$ 9,000 to awards to fund the industrial start-up projects.

As part of the tournament, ERG's representatives will select up to three winners who will then be able to receive grants to support the development of their projects. The winners will also further benefit from their participation in the Start-up Village, Russia's largest start-up conference.

Alexander Machkevitch, Chairman of ERG’s Board of Directors, said: 'Eurasian Resources Group has a long-term tradition of supporting innovation. In 2016, ERG held a Forum of Innovators, where its employees showcased their most original works. These works were reviewed and the best innovators received further training at the Nazarbayev University, the leading higher education institute in the Republic of Kazakhstan. ERG is proud to become a partner of the Start-up Tour, the Skolkovo Foundation and Almaty Tech Garden.'

'As a long-standing, reliable partner of the government, ERG is dedicated to nurturing a new generation of Kazakhstani entrepreneurs and will support them wherever it can. It will continue to provide training, finance and infrastructure so that we support exciting business initiatives for students, such as those at the Skolkovo Start-up Tour,’ added Mr Machkevitch.

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