All ERG’s enterprises in Kazakhstan continue to operate, with the situation under control


With regard to the current political events in Kazakhstan, ERG confirms that the situation at all of our Kazakh enterprises is stable and in order. The Group has taken all necessary steps to avoid disruption to the normal course of business, deal with localised issues and minimise the impact of external factors on our enterprises.

As always, ERG’s utmost priority is keeping our people, their families and local communities safe, whilst ensuring business continuity. ERG can inform stakeholders that despite the rapid development of events and the challenges that have arisen, all of our enterprises in Kazakhstan continue to operate and are under control, with any issues resolved promptly.

Temporary disruptions caused by gatherings at the Donskoy Ore Mining and Processing Plant in the Aktobe region, part of TNC Kazchrome JSC, have now been resolved by ERG and Kazchrome’s senior management, with production processes continuing as normal.

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