ERG Africa’s Boss Mining signs Community Development Plan Agreement with new community partners in the DRC


The extension of the Boss Mining’s socio-economic initiatives to the Haut-Katanga province will benefit five communities, impacting approximately 20,000 people

ERG Africa’s Boss Mining entity has taken a significant step towards sustainable community development by signing its Cahier des Charges with its surrounding communities in Haut-Katanga.

The official signing of the five-year social development plan, held on 24 August 2023 in Kambove, marked the culmination of consultation and dialogue between Boss Mining, local communities, and government stakeholders. The participative dialogues and extensive consultations, facilitated by external consultants, began in May 2022.

The signing ceremony was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including Mr Orphée Mikombe, Acting Chief of Staff of the Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbon, representing His Excellency Toto Chansa Ilunga, Mr Francis Kalongo Kayembe, Administrator of the Territory of Kambove, Mr Kishimba Munena Gaspard, Chief of the Source du Fleuve Congo Sector, the Queen of the Mubambe District Group. Also in attendance were civil society members, community leaders and ERG Africa executives. 

Mr Joachim Nzuzi, ERG Africa’s Chief of Staff, expressed his enthusiasm over the new partnership, stating, “Today’s signing of the Cahier des Charges is testament to the collaboration between ERG Africa, Gécamines, the Provincial Government, and the dynamic communities of Haut-Katanga. At ERG Africa, our mission extends beyond resource extraction, and is ultimately about fostering a sustainable future that prioritises community development through investments in education, healthcare, infrastructure, and initiatives that grow the local business ecosystem.”

The Cahier des Charges outlines a comprehensive approach to address the pressing and long-term needs of the community in six priority areas – health, water supply, education, agriculture, commerce, and road infrastructure.

Under this agreement, Boss Mining will construct and equip four clinics, a health centre and solar-powered borehole systems to deliver reliable sources of water. The commitment also extends to building a secondary and two primary schools, supporting local farmers through establishment of associations, providing maize seeds, fertiliser and machinery to boost agricultural productivity and profitability, and address food security in the region.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbon, His Excellency Toto Chansa, Mr Orphée Mikombe, highlighted the collaborative spirit of the agreement. “Today is a great day as we witness the culmination of hard work aligned with the vision of His Excellency Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Cahier des Charges is not a mere formality, rather, it represents a binding agreement that reflects the commitment of Boss Mining and its communities, with the provincial Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons ensuring its successful execution,” said Mr Mikombe.

In addition, through the social development plan, Boss Mining seeks to invigorate commerce in Haut-Katanga by building a market and enhancing transportation networks through the rehabilitation of the Milebi-Swanepoel road to help bolster economic growth and prosperity for the region.

Mr Patient Kabela, Social Manager at Boss Mining, emphasised the importance of this milestone for both Boss Mining and the communities of Mubambe, Midingi, Kibashi, Milebi, and Mwepu. “Today marks the continuation of a great partnership between Boss Mining and its communities in Haut-Katanga. The inclusive consultation process leading up to this agreement has set the tone for an enduring relationship built on mutual respect and collaboration. This is a new chapter that promises positive change and sustainable progress for everyone involved.”

Boss Mining’s Cahier des Charges, which outlines its commitments to its communities in the Lualaba province, will be cemented in a signing ceremony on Saturday, 26 August 2023.

“The partnership between ERG Africa, Gécamines and the stakeholders in the provinces we operate, is not just a commercial agreement; it is also a commitment to communities, shared prosperity, sustainable development and social responsibility. Together, we aim to build a future that is economically dynamic, culturally rich, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive,” added Mr Nzuzi.

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