Working at ERG

You can be proud to work for the Eurasian Resources Group, a leading diversified natural resources group with a geographical span from Central Asia to Europe and from Africa to China and Latin America.

We have developed a flat organisation with an entrepreneurial culture, where bureaucracy is discouraged. It is important for us to ensure in practice that all our employees feel valued and respected. We are introducing a performance-based incentive system in order to facilitate lean management practices across the group.





legal and

legal and compliance

Our managers are at the vanguard of globalisation, working across borders to bring the materials for everyday life, creating new opportunities for the Eurasian integration and providing vital contributions to economic and social development in Sub-Saharan Africa. At ERG, we offer challenges in a broad range of disciplines including strategy, finance, sales & marketing, procurement, legal, compliance, as well as technology and engineering roles.

It is exciting to work for an organisation which is changing and growing so rapidly. We encourage the true team members who share our spirit and values and who want to contribute to our continuing success.

Our ethics and values

Our core operating principle is to conduct business in an ethical way that respects our people, stakeholders and the communities where we operate. Eurasian Resources Group employs people of many different nationalities and expertise, and we foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding, with equal opportunities for all.

It is our highest priority to ensure full and fair consideration and treatment of our employees. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or unfair treatment. A Code of Conduct is at the core of our shared ethical values and expectations. All employment decisions, such as hiring, training and promotion, are based on merit. A Whistleblowing Hotline enables our people to confidentially raise any concerns or issues, including issues relating to human rights. We strongly believe that all our employees should demonstrate openness, transparency, honesty and trust.

We work constructively with the representatives of our employees and respect their right to join unions and enter collective agreements. Approximately 90% of the Group’s employees are trade union members, and collective bargaining agreements are in place at the majority of our operational entities.

Personal Development


As an industry-leading company with ambitious global expansion plans, we know that attracting and retaining the best is key to a long-term competitive advantage.

Our HR team is committed to helping you further develop your talents, experiences and skills. We offer a variety of learning and development programmes at all levels of our company, from internships to leadership trainings.

We have created an environment that enables new employees to adapt as quickly as possible to the Group’s organisational culture and its key functional processes. A network of line managers, HR specialists and mentors helps new employees become acquainted with work requirements and standards.

We reward and recognise talent; we pay high attention to internal recruitment when considering candidates for open vacancies and we consider a promotion for the most talented and efficient staff.

What we offer, above all, is the opportunity to realise your full potential.

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