Sustainable Development is about the responsible management of our environmental, social and governance impacts. For ERG, it is also about achieving:

1. True ‘business sustainability’ by ensuring our   culture, strategy, processes, technologies, decision-making and skills are fit for the future and can sustain   long-term value generation.

2. Long-term, sustainable and profitable growth that   delivers sustained benefits to our stakeholders, whether they be our employees, shareholders,   customers, business partners, host countries or - in particular - our local communities.

ERG has a long-established record of making a meaningful difference through its community social investment (CSI) programs

ERG has initiated major social and environmental projects in Central Asia and Africa which create significant employment and foster social inclusion for our employees and their communities.


In Kazakhstan, our initiatives include the Tugan Zher Programme, which is a public-private partnership allowing participation of ERG’s employees in determining key social challenges and elaborating solution methods and also embraces large-scale projects that provide affordable housing to local communities and employees; establishment of STEM Laboratories; Student Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Programme; and multiple sport, healthcare and wellbeing initiatives. In Africa, the main focus is on fighting child labour in the DRC’s mining sector, developing alternative livelihoods and protecting human rights as well as providing access to clean water and other necessary infrastructure. We are also one of the largest providers of medical services in many countries of ERG’s operational presence.

Closely integrated with corporate governance strategy, our sustainable development policy is overseen by the Board ensuring that all the necessary procedures are put forward through clear ownership and accountability. The Group CEO, Mr. Benedikt Sobotka, has been working with the World Economic Forum, non-governmental organisations and other mining companies to improve and implement ethical standards for the industry. Eurasian Resources Group has built a strong cooperation with the World Economic Forum: though ERG only applied for membership in 2014, it rapidly advanced from being a Foundation Member to an Industry Partner and then to‎ a Strategic Partner Associate. 


In September 2017 at the inaugural World Economic Forum Sustainable Development Impact Summit in New York City, representatives from international businesses and organisations including Eurasian Resources Group, officially launched the Global Battery Alliance. The Alliance is dedicated to ensuring that there is an ethical and sustainable global supply chain for the lithium-ion batteries that help power the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a low carbon economy, through electric vehicles, renewable energy technologies and smartphones. The Alliance is a public-private collaboration comprising stakeholders from across the supply chain including ERG, BASF, Enel, Volkswagen and other major businesses; international organisations such as UNICEF, OECD and African Development Bank; and NGOs including PACT. Eurasian Resources Group is proud to be a founding member of the Global Battery Alliance.

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