Group Compliance

The Group’s Compliance is designed around six elements:

  • 1
    Code of Conduct ('the Code') and Compliance policies, which set out the principles, values, ethical standards and standards of behavior of the organisation.
  • 2
    Compliance implementation, including the supporting tools and trainings, and the ongoing monitoring of results.
  • 3
    Regular management reporting on Compliance matters.
  • 4
    Oversight by the Compliance Committee.
  • 5
    Internal Audit reports.
  • 6
    Whistleblowing Hotline.

The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that the Group complies with laws relevant to its business wherever it operates, and it leads a culture of high integrity and zero tolerance of dishonesty, bribery and corruption.

The leadership team of Eurasian Resources Group is responsible for encouraging high standards of business conduct and demonstrating through their personal example commitment and adherence to laws, regulations and ethics.

This includes the oversight of commercial, legal, compliance, health and safety and environmental risks, including their timely detection, prevention and effective response.

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