Misuse of ERG Group name

It came to our attention that some individuals or entities are pretending to be part of the ERG Group affiliated entities, whereas they are in no way connected to or affiliated with ERG Group. .

Without ERG Group or its relevant affiliate’s permission or knowledge, they place orders for either the supply or the purchase of goods and / or services, on behalf of ERG Group affiliates, by contacting people via email, letter, phone, using ERG letters from and/or in fake and fraudulent email addresses, and do not pay for such supplies and/or request payments for purportedly rendered services.

Please note that ERG Group has very strict policies in place and no goods or services could be purchased or sold without a proper CPDD process and proper contract/purchase orders entered into in compliance with ERG Group CPDD procedures and contracting policies.

If you become aware of (possible) misuse of the name of ERG Group and in particular, of fraud attempts regarding a potential sale or purchase of goods and/or services with any of ERG Group’s entities, please report to fraudereporting@erg.net as soon as possible.

All communications received in relation to the above shall be held in the strictest of confidence.

We urge everyone to remain vigilant and exercise caution when approached on behalf of any ERG Group entity.

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